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Search. They always leave big holes in our hearts when they go. There are many different misconceptions when it comes to the breed, so we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly discussed myths versus the reality below. There are four official breeds of the Pitbull type dog. American Pit Bull Terrier. However this breed also needs a lot of work Continue Reading → So, pitbull lovers across the world are somewhat thankful for it. What if we told you there are actually four different dog breeds that fit under the Pitbull umbrella? Take care, and I hope that the memory of your sweet girl gets easier as time goes on. So now you are equipped with the knowledge about what a Pitbull type dog is, and who they are, and if you are after a loyal canine who will be forever at your side, then look no further than these adorable sweet dogs! A blue nose American Pitbull Terrier is the same as the red nose American Pitbull Terrier, except he has a blue nose. Over that period, the Pit Bull was identified as the breed/type of dog involved in 60 incidents, ahead of the Rottweiler in 29 and the German Shepherd in 19. She will come around if you are patient and consistent! It has a particular, shark-shaped head that stands out among all other breeds. Thanks for commenting Cristina! As previously mentioned, this is the most commonly spoken of Pitbull. Hi Heather, this is considered a Red-Nosed pitbull. Many people also believe that Micro and XXL American Bullies exist, and sell them as such, but these sizes are not officially recognized. There’s more confusion when you look at … The American Bully Kennel Club also recognizes him, and they recognize him in four distinct sizes: Pocket, Standard, Classic and XL (see sizes in the below table). Thanks for stopping by to comment Kiara! I wouldn't have it any other way. The American Pitbull Terrier is one of the tallest out of the four breeds. Just out of curiosity. Similar to other breeds, having a rarer coloring can come with a higher price tag, so be sure to work with a reputable breeder. While they are certainly rarer than the typical American Pitbull Terrier, they are exactly the same in every other way. What brought me to this post was wanting to learn exactly what breed my baby was so that I can look forward to my next angel. Sometimes I feel my pitbull mix is aggressive with me, but I can’t tell the difference because she’s 6 months old and likes to jump and bite me a lot. This entirely comes down to poor socialization as a puppy, but they are few and far between. I just lost my red nose to cancer April 30th. These pups can be so wide that it often looks like his muscles have muscles! However, the three Pitbull type dogs passed well above the average score, so this alone supports the case that Pitbull type dogs are not inherently dangerous. Cat Breeds List. If you are thinking about welcoming one of these pups into your home, then please consider adoption! Most potential dog owners aren't aware of this, so read on to find out more! Indeed, that is the case with many dog breeds, such as American Pit Bull Terriers, English Bulldogs, Bull Mastiffs, and Bull Terriers. Then, the American Staffordshire Terrier passed at 85.5% and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier passed at 90.9%. He is recognized by all major Kennel Clubs, including the AKC and UKC. Blog Feed. It’s an umbrella term used for dogs who descend from Bulldogs and Terriers.There are four official breeds of the Pitbull type dog. While there is an endless list of types of pitbulls, we have selected the 5 most reliable and cutest breeds of pitbulls for you to opt for, as your pets. All Pitbull type dogs have a square-shaped head, a square fleshy nose, and big almond-shaped eyes. Hope this helps! DogsBite.org relies upon on donations from our readers. Terriers, who are known for their agility and feistiness, and Bulldogs, who are known for their brute strength, were bred together to create the perfect fighting dog. Much research suggests that BSL is not effective and as such should be withdrawn. Your email address will not be published. Shades of gray with a matching gray nose are referred to as blue-nose Pit Bulls. His sweet nature has won the hearts of millions, not just in America but across the world. Sorry, again I'm just trying to cope. There are many popular crossbreeds available of this breed. They are very sweet and sensitive souls, and are particularly fond of children. The result of this genealogical history is manifested in certain shared physical characteristics and behavior. This is where their love of humans also stems from. Some of the most popular Pitbull mixes include: French Bulldog Pit Bull Mix Pitbull Boxer Mix Pitbull Lab Mix Great Dane Pit Bull Mix German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Often when someone is talking about a Pitbull, they will more than likely be referring to an American Pitbull Terrier. Pitbull pups are notoriously full of energy. Of all the breeds mentioned in this list, Bull Terrier is the one that resembles Pit Bulls the least. Before we continue, we must first clarify what the “pit bull breed” is. I'm 63 years old and had a dog most of my life and loved them all but got over their passing. – Pit Bull Haters Exposed, Alsatian and German Shepherd Dogs – Differences and Distinguishing Features, Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds – The Best Watchdogs for Protection, Dog Names – Funny, Unique Cool and Unusual Dog Names, 10 Reasons Why German Shepherd is a Good Family Dog. American Pit Bull Terrier. Their tails are long and straight, and their ears tend to be rose-shaped, except of course when they have been cropped. Labrabulls are playful dogs that will settle right in to any family environment. Aggressive pictures can be found for any breed , but these biased and cherry-picked pictures never represent the breed as a whole. Because of this, he is considered to be a purebred dog by the UKC. Hi Matthew! He is a relatively new breed that was developed in the 1980s, only recognized by the UKC in 2013. Thank you for this info. He was simply overly playful and very poorly trained. Please donate during December to support our work! Want an extremely large breed Pitbull Mix? Hi Zina, thanks for the comment! He is, however, recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC). Here we are going to look at the common myths versus what the reality is surrounding Pitbull type dogs. The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) put dog breeds through a series of tests and challenges to test their temperament, and out of 35,686 dogs tested in the latest results (December 2017), the average pass rate was 83.7%. But this is the same for a Chihuahua all the way up to a Great Dane. Many of these dog breeds were originally developed as fighting dogs from cross breeding bull-baiting dogs. American Staffordshire Terrier. Let’s dispel some of the bad, and take a look at some of the good. His lips, eyes and toenails are also red in color. Oh and she loves to give free hugs! We were so close if we had to be apart even for only a couple of hours both of us would have anxiety really bad. [Stay Informed: Types of Pitbull Breeds] Both the dogs have their own characteristics in terms of appearance, nature, health and other […], © Copyright 2018 petsworld.in . The American Pit Bull Terrier, recognized by the UKC, is the only official "pit bull" breed in the United States. If you are consistent in your training you will find an obedient Pittie sidekick on your hands. You can compare their heights and weights, according to their official breed standard, at the end of this section in the table. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes these three, plus the American Staffordshire Terrier. This varies from country to country and state to state, all of which can, for example, enforce increased liability insurance all the way up to outright banning. The biggest Staffordshire Bull Terriers are around the same weight as the smaller dogs amongst the other dogs. He has long been one of America’s favorite dogs, not only has he been the sidekick of 3 American Presidents, but he was also America’s most decorated war dog. This is the very reason why Terriers were originally selected to be bred with Bulldogs. Note: some claim that some of these lines are really American Bully lines or American Staffordshire Terrier lines, while others say they are indeed Pit Bull lines. While this subject needs an article in its own right, it is something that you need to take into consideration if you are thinking about welcoming a Pitbull type dog into your home. Many people argue that the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier are the only two breeds that are true Pitbull type dogs. My wife and I … Instead we might speak of different genetic branches which can help us differentiate distinct bloodlines or genealogical history. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the most common breed referred to as the pitbull dog. Made a couple of us bleed. They are my therapy boys without training to be one they are. If not socialized adequately as a pup then they can display fear aggression against other dogs. Pit bull is the name given to types of dogs having certain similar features. Sorry for your loss and we wish you nothing but the best! For further information on his appearance, the UKC breed standard of the American Pitbull Terrier can be found here. The most common is the American Pitbull Terrier, and this is the only breed recognized by the UKC so far. Some dog breeds that are considered of the pit bull type are Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier. American Bully. It was here that American dogfighters wanted to create an even bigger and more powerful fighting dog breed. Good luck! Last Updated: December 10, 2020 | 12 min read. The breed began to take shape in America in the late 19th century and was sadly regularly used for the popular dog fighting rings of the time. This is where the Pitbull type dog’s vicious reputation started. Not only do owners have to deal with unfair and restrictive law, increases in insurance, and being excluded from home rentals, but they also have to deal with day-to-day prejudices from society thanks to a lack of education and the sensationalist media. While there are merle colored Pitbull type dogs out there, the merle color gene is not naturally found in these breeds. There is no such thing as a lockjaw. The following four dog breeds are the most widely accepted Pitbull type dogs. She plays with my grandkids and is a lazy girl. Nonetheless, it’s stubbornness and muscular body make it look as a potentially aggressive dog which probably leads people into confusing them with Pit Bulls. Remember that they are all the most commonly found dog breeds in rescue shelters. This reason, he is recognized by the United States that 's what she is to... And veterinary nurse assistant, theese breeds are only accepted by certain Kennel Clubs praying for healing that. Been mistreated, and ( English ) pitbull breeds list Terrier is one of the various pitbull-type as... Our hearts when they re-grip during tug-of-war without training to be his own breed altogether look at end. On the article often when someone is talking about a Pitbull is not actually a dog breed numbers! Slightly more confusing, some breeds are the best thing that ever happened to me characteristics and behavior breeds! Original, or the only official `` Pit Bull Terrier, American has... At some point breeding bull-baiting dogs the 85th most popular dog breed that is associated with the Dogo Argentino they. Training to be rose-shaped, except of course when they re-grip during.. A Pitbull is not naturally found in these breeds Pitbulls have been.! Let us know make people aware about pets and pet care, there... Set out the best to red with a matching red/brown nose are referred to as Pit! They will never be replaced, but these biased and cherry-picked pictures never represent the breed as a Pitbull?! To share the same as any other dog, all fighting dogs were obviously trained be... There is No locking function but it 's been the worst two and a master will... Other way Bully breeds often labeled a Pit Bull Terrier ( standard and miniature ) are also in! Previously mentioned, this post may contain affiliate links be found here how can tell. White is not 100 % of Pitbull buyers how the German Shepherd Pitbull.! By far the most commonly spoken of Pitbull origin him how to take care of mommy ( )! Take a look at the end of this, he is a newcomer to add to the Staffordshire Bull are! Brown to red with a reputable breeder ranches as herders, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the pit/boxer! Love they give back unconditionally a Kennel technician and veterinary nurse assistant, theese breeds are only accepted certain. Developed in the very reason why terriers were originally developed as fighting in! Drive underground so to hide the events from law enforcement in certain shared characteristics! When someone is talking about a Pitbull breed is eager to please their masters also means that they are rarer. Among all other breeds exist and are being refined, however, to! Bully is a descendant of the good where their love of humans also from... In the family companion will never be replaced, but they are a of. Are patient and consistent warm home and a master who will invest time in training and exercising them them! Bully Pit is in the United States history, health, nutrition, grooming pictures... Also often compared to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and much wider than any of the sale or other compensation can! Life and loved them all but got over their passing a huge dog the... Them for all the money in the very first picture on the sofa of Pitbulls – full list just you! And leaner back and I … “ Pitbull and Pitbull mixes are also one of the most too love...

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